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JiĄŻnan Ocean-link Equipment Technology  Co., Ltd. is located in JiĄŻnan city bustling harmony square center of Ginza, is a production, development and sales of modern CNC equipment enterprises. R & D strength, CNC laser,CNC router and CNC plasma technology and technical experts in more than 20 people. Companies continue to introduce advanced technology, to play their own advantages, speed up technological innovation, strengthening the independent innovation, promote industrial upgrading, enhance the comprehensive competitiveness. Company a variety of products obtained national patent, has the right to import and export.

The company has CNC laser series, series of CNC plasma, CNC engraving machine, CNC equipment, products widely used in advertising, packaging and printing, organic glass, sheet metal processing, kitchen equipment, machinery processing, shipbuilding, aerospace, military products, medical machinery and other fields, computer chassis, lighting, craft gifts, non-ferrous metal processing and marking and other fields and industries.

"The quality of the products with zero defects, customer service service zero complaint", the company to "solve the customized exclusive products" as the goal, set up a unique service mode, customer service regularly to understand customer needs, improve products and services. Corporate customers throughout the United States, Germany, France, Holland, Belgium, Russia, Brazil, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia, dozens of countries and regions.

Company websites use advantage platform, integration of global market resources, to build the new mode of Hai marketing and brand promotion, sales rose steadily, becoming export-oriented enterprise with foreign trade as the main body.

Bridge electronic devices adhere to "talk about a new customer, to an old friend" philosophy, adhere to the customer value as the center, integration of resources, innovation and progress, to create a win-win situation. To the leading domestic, international advanced to strive, to ensure customer satisfaction.

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Jinan Ocean-link Equipment Technology Co.,Ltd
Contact: Mr.Wang
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Telephone: 0086-531-69904300
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Skype: oltcnc
QQ : 50491852
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